Yukon Jack Jacapple

Now this was a definite surprise. I enjoy Canadian Whiskey almost as much as real Whisky, but even so, this surpassed my expectations.

From the time you open the bottle, you get the full aroma of apples. Unlike the aroma from UV Apple (Fuji apples), this is more of a Granny Smith scent. Then you take the first sip. And along with the expected slight alcohol burn, you get a sweet, soft taste of Granny Smith apples, brown sugar, and then a fairly strong cinnamon taste in the finish.

If you go looking for this one, keep in mind that for some strange reason, your liquor store probably stocks it (IF they carry it at all) in the Liqueurs section instead of in the Whiskies section where it belongs.

When I first reviewed this on the show, I couldn’t quite place it, but I recognized that flavor from somewhere. Then after a few more sips (yes, it’s THAT good!) it hit me. I knew exactly where I had tasted this before (minus the alcohol, of course)…


Seriously! It’s the EXACT SAME TASTE! It completely blew my little mind!

Sadly, aside from varying reviews, I can’t seem to find any official information online for the company that makes this delicious product. So all I can say is whoever you are, “Yukon Jack Trading Company,” you have my very heartfelt thanks for creating such a beautiful product.

Yes, this review is rather short. But honestly, there’s not much more to say. It’s one of the finest alcohols I’ve had the opportunity to try, and you should start looking for a store that carries it right now. And if your local liquor stores don’t carry it, MOVE!


(Now I want an apple pie from McDonald’s.)

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