Renae Christine

renaechristine_head-300x300Guest: Renae Christine
Appearance: Episode: 012
Favorite Drink: Coffee
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*Le sigh* The problem with really loving a show is that sometimes it goes away.  As is the case with the very funny and entertaining show Funny Stuff and Cheese.  Charlie and I were huge fans, timing our busy schedules just right so we could catch the live broadcast Monday through Friday.  Renae Christine and her co-host Tom Cote were a great team we wanted to emulate.  Not just their chemistry but how well they interacted with their fans.

It took a while but we managed to convince Renae to be our guest on Nothing to Say. Because believe me that woman was (and still is) busy.  Not only was she co-host of a popular internet show but she ran (and still runs) Rich Mom Business, where she helps other business owners build their businesses.

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