About Reviews…

Lately, quite a few of you have been asking us “Hey Charlie and Skunkie, why don’t you review [product x]?”

Well, the answer is simple: We don’t have access to [product x] to review it!

See, we live in a rural area, and while we love our local liquor stores, they’re rather limited in what they stock. So we don’t get new items that often. And unusual items are even more rare to come across.

We’d LOVE to review items for you. And you know that when we review an item, we’re brutally honest about it. But without items to review, well, you can see where we are right now.

But, there’s a way YOU can help out in this regard.

If you find something interesting you want us to review, SEND IT TO US! We have a mailbox just for things like that, you know.

Just send it to:
1456 Lambert Rd
Berea, KY 40403

We’d love to review whatever you send us! But please, no psycho-weird mail. The screeners at the post office frown on us getting any more dead animals.

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