Call Us!

You may have noticed the new image over on the sidebar with the telephone on it. Here’s a bigger version, just in case:


Yes, we now have a telephone number! What’s that mean? Two fantastic things!

1. We want to hear from YOU. The line is set up with voicemail, so you’re free to call us and leave a message (up to 3 minutes) any time you want, 24/7. Charlie and Skunkie will listen to every message, and we’ll play the best ones on the air!

2. During certain shows, we’ll “open up the line” and allow our wonderful listeners to actually call in and speak with our guests! That’s right, you’ll get the chance to personally talk with our guests directly!

So write down our number (317-967-2428) and give us a call! After all, we are Nothing to Say, so now it’s your turn!

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