Nothing to Say – Episode:100

100th_EpisodeTonight is the 100th Episode of Nothing to Say.  When Charlie started this venture he had no idea (and no belief) that people would tune in for 25 episodes, never mind four times as many.   Over the last two years, Charlie and Skunkie have tried to bring you guests that not only entertained but taught you something.  So it’s fitting that tonight’s guest is someone who accomplishes this on a regular basis.

Xander of the YouTube channel ARTexplains, makes learning fun with a mix of interesting facts, images, and the occasional bad joke.  After watching his video The Lost Empire of Yam: 300 Asses and 1 Dancing Pygmy, Charlie and Skunkie were instantly hooked.  They hope you will be too.  So join them tonight at 7pm to celebrate 100 episodes and learn something in the process.

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