About the Show

Nothing to Say with Charlie and Skunkie is (among other things) a podcast talk show that is recorded live every Sunday night at 7pm Eastern time, and can be heard via nts-show.com

The show (originally titled “Nothing to Say with DJ Charlie”) started out as an idea deep in the mind of the founder of KJSR.net, Charlie, when he was growing extremely bored with his usual “talk for a few minutes and then play some music” formated show.

He was looking for something new and interesting. And he had noticed that when he had a guest or fellow DJ on the air with him, not only did he enjoy the show more, but the Listeners did as well.

Thinking about the best co-hosted shows he could remember, he remembered how much he loved the old Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. (If you have no idea who Johny Carson is, ask your parents, kids!)

And that’s when he hit upon the idea. Not just a co-hosted talk show with the occasional Guest in attendance, but a full-blown entertainment show!

So working with the Station’s own Johnny to set up the show’s introduction (the show’s lore is that the studio Charlie broadcasts from changes locations weekly), and making copious notes for a “How to make a Drink” segment each week, he started shopping around for a willing co-host.

Skunkie (who had pre-recorded a segment called “Been Caught Streaming” for Charlie’s previous show) agreed to join Charlie on a temporary basis, “just to see how things would turn out,” for a couple of weeks.

Skunkie quickly warmed to the role of co-host (as well as moving on to be the show’s Production Manager once NtS Productions launched) and was the first one to call the show “a classic cocktail party on the air!”

The first episode of the show aired on February 9th, 2014 at 7pm Eastern, and was a nearly-instant success. Within a matter of weeks, they added a “product review” segment to the show, each week choosing a new alcoholic beverage to sample and review. These segments have proven to be extremely popular, both with the Listeners and the alcohol distributors.

There have been several interesting offers from various other media outlets to syndicate (or outright buy) the show, but Charlie and Skunkie have decided that it just wouldn’t be the same, and don’t want to disappoint their fans.

The next big step came on June 3, 2014, when Charlie and Skunkie filed paperwork to form NTS Productions, LLC. A company dedicated to the production of both Nothing to Say (the show) and the related projects.

As Nothing to Say continues to grow, Charlie and Skunkie have several more features planned, and a Guest list several months long. So be sure to tune in, and see where they’re heading next!

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