RonDiaz Spiced Rum

3_60240750_3I am a long time vodka fan but as any good connoisseur of alcohol, I’m trying to branch out into other areas. Although I’ve sampled Kraken Black Rum, I haven’t had much other Rum experience and don’t have a go-to brand. So I decided to try RonDiaz Spiced Rum. It’s a mid-ranged rum retailing about $15-20 for 750 ml.

When you first open the bottle the first thing you smell is vanilla. A LOT of vanilla. It’s not a bad smell, not overbearing like chemical vanilla flavoring. You also get a hint of spice. I guess I would call it allspice because it’s mostly nutmeg but definitely some other spices in the background.

I was looking forward to tasting it…

Unfortunately the smell and taste don’t match at all.

For spiced rum RonDiaz, only has two flavors, spice and burn. And the spice is not a warm mouth feel, it’s more spice overload. And the burn, well I expect some burn especially since RonDiaz Spiced Rum is 60 proof (30% alcohol by volume) which is higher than normal for rum (40 proof, 20% alcohol by volume) but there still should be flavor.

And that’s what was truly lacking.

The vanilla smell didn’t transfer at all into taste. I think the other spice dragged it down a dark alley and beat it to death.

I want to say someone out there will like it. Someone who likes the initial taste to smack you in the face and a lovely finish of alcohol burn and not much else. Charlie would call this a frat-boy rum. So they might like it, but it’s definitely not me.

(It smelled nice.)