You should try this

On our most recent show, Mr. Lobo of Cinema Insomnia stated that his favorite drink is a “Poor Man’s” Root beer Float.  It’s a simple recipe: Root beer plus liquid non-dairy creamer.  He said it tasted like a traditional float once all the ice cream has melted.

DJ Charlie thought it sounded gross but I was intrigued.  Last night I tried it.  There would be photographic evidence but after the first sip I finished it way too quickly.  I mixed two single-serving containers of Carnation French Vanilla non-dairy creamer in a 12oz bottle of Nesbitt Orange Soda.  The first thing you notice is that customary foam that forms with floats.  I was a bit apprehensive, assuming that the creamer had somehow curdled.  But the first sip was creamsicle heaven.

I plan on trying this again, often.  I think next time I will pre-chill the creamer, even though it requires no refrigeration.  It seems to take away from the ice coldness of the soda.  Otherwise it’s a great replacement when you want a float and don’t have ice cream around.

Thanks Mr. Lobo!

Hello World!

So. Here we are. A brand new website dedicated to our show.

First things first:

No, Skunkie and I are NOT leaving The Station is our home, and the Staff and DJs there are our family. We’ll ALWAYS be heard EXCLUSIVELY on

So why a whole website with a fancy domain and everything for just the show if we’re not leaving?

Because the show is taking off like a rocket, and we have a few extra things planned for it. So rather than clutter up the Station’s main site with a bunch of stuff that only relates to our show, we decided it’d be better to expand over here.

What sort of “extra things“?

My, you’re nosy, aren’t you. But that’s okay, because we’re excited about this, and we want you to be excited too. The quick and easy answer to your question is to look at the tabs across the top of the site here. Eventually all those will be full of nice shiny things for you to read!

The longer answer is, since we do alcohol reviews, we’re going to start posting them here. Along with the recipes for drinks (both featured on the show, and drinks we just happen to like), photo galleries of our Guests and other images related to the show, and a fancy-schmancy new way to interact with us. But that one you’ll just have to wait and see. Trust me, it’s worth it.