Nothing to Say – Episode: 014

It’s an open night tonight! An OPEN NIGHT! OPEN! NIGHT!

What’s that mean? That means we have no Guest tonight (by design).

Why not? Because we want to devote ALL the time tonight talking with you, our beloved Listeners! We’ll be doing a short recap of the shows we’ve done, another delicious review, and a bit more planning for the World’s Largest Cocktail Party.

We might even have a surprise or two…

So DJ Skunkie and I hope you’ll tune in at 7pm Eastern, and join us in the Live Chat!

Nothing to Say – Episode: 013

This is te BIG one, kids. The show we’ve been waiting a long time for.

Paul_zaloom_a_20041101Tonight’s Guest is the most special Guest we’ve ever had on the Show. All of our Guests are special, but this one… This Guest is one of MY personal heroes. And you know him very well, even if you don’t recognize him.

He is a puppeteer extroardinaire, political satirist with a rapier sharp wit, performance artist without compare, and one of the absolutely nicest people you have ever met.

Who is this brilliant man that I admire so much? Why, none other than Paul Zaloom, of course!

Who?” I hear you scream. “I’ve never heard of him!” you cry. But you DO know him, aqnd depending on your age, you’ve met him and had him in your home several times. True, he’s a bit grayer at the temples now, but then again, so are we all.

Perhaps you know him better by his other name. And when you read it, the odds are very good that you will say “I REMEMBER him! I loved his show!

So with great pride, allow me to present to you, the quarterback of questions, the King Kong of knowlege, the Duke of discovery, the giantest of scientists (and yes, I have proof of that one), the Elvis of experimentation, the B-man himself…


Yes friends, he will be joining us tonight at 7pm to discuss Beakman’s World, along with his current performance shows, how he claims to not really be a scientist (again, I have proof that he is), and his favorite music.

For tonight’s Featured Drink, Mr. Zaloom has chosen the venerable Moscow Mule, which we’ll be enjoying during the show, and we’ll also have a review by my always lovely co-host DJ Skunkie.

Nothing to Say – Episode: 012

renaechristine_2-150x150Tonight we have the lovely, talented and funny Renae Christine. In addition to running the very successful Rich Mom Business, she is also the co-host on the daily live broadcast of Funny Stuff and Cheese, as well as being a single mom to three small children.

Our Featured Music tonight will be the Ink Spots, and we’ll be talking about coffee as the Featured Drink!

So join us at 7pm Eastern, won’t you?

Nothing to Say – Episode: 011

Tonight my friends, we are joined by a man who is keeping a time-honored tradition alive, and in a grand way!

Mr. Lobo, AKA Mister Lobo, is a TV host, writer, actor and producer, dedicated to unusual and low budget cinema. He has also appeared in many films and was cast as Criswell in the long awaited remake of Plan 9 from Outer Space. His motto is “They’re Not Bad Movies–Just Misunderstood.”

You can see the results of his efforts on his website,, or on the Zom-Bee channel on your Roku.

Our Featured Music for tonight is Devo, and our Feaured Drink is the “Poor Man’s Root-Beer Float” which you’ll just have to tune in to find out how to make!

See you at 7pm Eastern Time!