Sunday Teaser – Episode: 108

This week is going…strangely. Things are working out, but in odd ways, and at odd times.

So who better to have as a guest than the man behind the Surreality web series!

So join us at 7pm Eastern this coming Sunday, as we get to the bottom of all this strangeness.

Sunday Teaser – Nothing to Say Episode: 103

Chris Hawley is an award-winning designer/illustrator from Houston, Texas. He’s done all kinds of cool projects from the global rebrand of Bruce Lee to working at various levels of the ad agency world from designer to art director, as well as creative director and part of the launch team of The Anime Network, America’s first network dedicated to Japanese animation.

He’ll be joining us Sunday (May 22) to talk about his latest project, the Weirds!


Teaser: Nothing to Say – Episode: 101

Vince Ynzunza

No matter what Facebook says, the man in the above picture is NOT Mr. Lobo. But, that being said, he does work with Mr. Lobo on a regular basis!

Sunday’s guest is Vince Ynzunza, co-founder and host of Pacific NorthWeird, a very interesting show available on OSI 74.

Tune in Sunday at 7pm Eastern to find out just what makes the Pacific Northwest so weird!

Sunday Teaser – Episode: 099

Ah, the Rodeo. Horses and bulls. Leather and ropes. Cowboys and chocolate…

Wait, back up.

Cowboys and chocolate?

Where the blazes did that come from?


Well, that’s what we’re going to find out this week, since our guest is just that, the Chocolate Cowboy, Tim Kellogg of Meeteetse Chocolatier!

Tune in right here at 7pm Eastern, 4 Pacific this Sunday to catch the interview!!