While discussing the show, we started lamenting the fact that nobody actually has a good cocktail party anymore. For some strange reason when you mention “party” to anyone these days, it brings to mind loud music, dim lighting, cheap beer, and people grinding their bodies on one another.

What happened to soft music, good food and drinks, and meaninful conversation?

So we’ve started planning the ultimate cocktail party. And we want your help!

Now, this is NOT a short-term “having it next week” plan. The planning is going to take several months, leading up to “dry run” parties hosted at various places, then more discussion of how things could have been better and what worked well, more tests and revisions, etc. All leading up to the ultimate cocktail party taking place world-wide!

So tell us in the comments below, what YOU want to see at this party, and when you hold one, be sure to report back with your results!

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